Our current team has over 150 years of combined railway engineering experience, so we know the railway.  We are called Digital Rail because we are part of the push to improve the 21st century railway by using digitisation and automation.

We have gifted computer and data scientists to enable us to capitalise on our experience of developing new ways of working, such as Machine learning, that augment existing skills. We own intellectual property and patent applications products such as Autonomous Vision and Data Fusion Sandboxes . We also provide services to railway clients including Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) and training.

We are embedded in the Data Science Institute at Lancaster University in the Infolab 21 facility. This gives us the access to thought leaders in computer science and AI which is indispensable to our goal of increasing the competitiveness of the railway.

Dr Howard Parkinson explains some of our current work:

Our Team

Howard Parkinson

Edward Crompton

Callum Gibson

Clive Osman

Colin Wilson

Zuzanna Debska

Jack Harris

Leo O’mara