Big Data Analytics

What is it?

It is worthwhile defining what is means by ‘analytics’. Analytics is generally a term that is used to denote any type of data analysis. However, it comes in many forms, it is valuable therefore to illustrate the whole of the available ‘analytics landscape’ to put context around the form of analysis that can be brought to bear in the predictive risk assessment approach. Generally we perform real time multiple data analytics which is often referred to as big data analytics.

Why Do You Need It?

All businesses now have to exploit their data to thrive in the 21st century. To put it simply; Your Data, Your Value. Our mission is to turn railway data into value for clients in order for them to drive out waste and improve system resilience. This we do by bringing to bear data science, digital simulation and a deep railway domain knowledge.

What We Do

We use various advanced algorithms that combine deep learning neural networks, genetic algorithms and decision frameworks to analyse complex and disparate data in real time.

The data study could be looking at asset information from a points machine, engine management data from a diesel train, or weather, geography and topography of the landscape to look for deeply buried relationships that enable real savings in resources to be realised.

We have analysed data from the Class 185 Siemens Desiro and managed to produce geographical failure analysis and presentation as heat maps. We collaborated with our partner on this work  This type of application is excellent for democratising data and allowing sensible decision making and optimisation.