Developing Risk Assessment Skills for the Rail Sector

Digital Rail’s intensive training course provides operations and engineering-based personnel with the essential background knowledge, tools and best practices to confidently complete robust risk assessments in the rail environment.

This three-day course provides engineers, managers and others involved in safety-related projects with a detailed understanding of the best risk assessment tools and techniques available for them to practically implement in the workplace.


  • To recognise and explain the value of risk assessment techniques
  • To understand incident causation and the hazard-risk relationship
  • To select the correct processes / techniques for a given risk situation
  • How to develop the appropriate controls to ensure identified hazards are adequately managed
  • About the key tools required to conduct risk assessments
  • To critique risk assessments undertaken by others
  • How to apply the information from risk assessments in the work environment


  • Better understand risk and different types of risk
  • Learn about ‘the rail paradigm’
  • Understand the ‘risk toolbox’ pros and cons
  • Learn about the risk assessment process: Preparation; Hazard identification; Hazard analysis; Risk estimation; ALARP evaluation and reporting
  • Learn about risk assessment tools: Checklists; Brainstorming; Hazard Identification (HAZID); Hazard and Operability (HAZOP); Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA); Interface Hazard Analysis (IHA); Operating and Support Hazard Analysis (OSHA); Failure modes, effects, and criticality analysis; Fault tree analysis; Event tree analysis; Structured what if (SWIFT)

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