Machine Vision Solution – RailSight®

  • Fully autonomous video analytics system
  • Makes use of cutting-edge convolutional neural networks (CNNs) – artificial intelligence
  • Able to detect objects of interest from standard video
  • Integrates easily with customers’ existing systems
  • Works with existing cameras or new camera deployments
  • Works with off-the-shelf hardware

HARDWARE Fully approved for fitment to rolling stock – Shock/vibration/fire to EN50155 . EMC test certification

SOFTWARE developed and validated to en50657 basic integrity for rolling stock under ISO9001/IS090003 control.

Specification – General



  • GPU 512 Core 32 GB
  • CPU 8 core ARM
  • Connection RJ45 Ethernet i/p
  • Power 240Vac/12Vdc




Detects users with accessibility issues and either issues directions or alerts staff.

YellowLine – Door Safety

Detects trap-and-drag incidents using exterior train cameras.

Tango – Trackside Worker Detection

Detects track workers and their adherence to procedure using the forward-facing train camera.