Through our collaboration with the Engineering Departments at Huddersfield University and Lancaster University  we have developed expertise in robotic guidance systems using conventional cameras, LIDAR and several other sensing technologies such as microphones and accelerometers.

We have dedicated robotics lab area in our facilities in CityLab Lancaster. We have had the honour of receiving our 6 axis robot funded by Lancashire County Council.

We have dedicated software for programming our 6 axis robot using CAD data and LIDAR. We can inspect complex components for anomalies using these 3D technologies.

Some of our ongoing projects include

  • The development of a small fire fighting robot for autonomous fire detection and suppression in Care home
  • Cutter path generation for robot end effectors in the Nuclear decommissioning of facilities in Cumbria with our partners at Lancaster University
  • A robotic system for inspecting and cleaning rolling stock with our Partner