RailSight® – Speedy Boarding

Using Intelligent Monitoring to Reduce Dwell Times

What is It?

The Speedy Boarding system combines novel computer vision and communications technology to detect how empty (or full) a train carriage happens to be, in real-time. It autonomously feeds this information to boarding passengers, so they know where it is best to board when their train arrives at the platform.

What It Does

  • Uses the saloon CCTV cameras to determine a “busyness” metric for each carriage door.
  • Relays this information to the next platform.
  • Displays the busyness (fullness) at each point on the platform, using a simple and intuitive red/amber/green system.
  • Uses existing camera infrastructure.
  • Processes in real time, witth low latency on a computer the size of a credit card (Raspberry Pi for example.)



Passengers (customers)

  • An optimised PTI experience
  • Reduced stress from long boarding and dwell times
  • A better chance of getting a seat
  • The ability to choose a quieter train, based on the information provided


  • Assists the driver to maintain on-time services by reducing passenger boarding dwell time, further helping to reduce safety related incidents.

Train and Station Operators

  • Improved safety of passengers through a reduction in PTI FWI incidents.
  • Faster passenger boarding at the PTI can aid station operators in running a safer and quicker service.
  • (Side effect) A more evenly distributed passenger base, as more passengers have the information to opt for a quieter train.

LED strip on the platform edge, showing green as the carriage is empty.