Systems Engineering in the Railway

2 Day Course

Digital Rail’s two-day training course, ‘Systems Engineering in the Rail Industry’, focuses on providing attendees with the essential knowledge and skills to be able to evaluate current industry approaches and to solve typical systems engineering problems. This course will review and discuss the common problems faced by engineers and the tools they can use to effectively deal with these challenges. A complete overview of the most important European standards is covered, combining well-structured presentations and frequent discussion points to ensure that attendees get the most from participating.


  • High-quality training led by recognised experts in systems engineering
  • A look at case studies that show good and not-so-good practice
  • A review and discussion of the problems faced by engineers and the tools they can use to effectively deal with these challenges


  • Railway systems and their structural relationships
  • The key rail stakeholders to consider
  • The system lifecycle and solution development
  • The principles behind systems engineering, management and planning
  • Requirements elicitation, analysis and specification
  • Effectiveness, evaluation and decision making
  • System integration
  • The role Verification and Validation (V&V) plays in systems engineering
  • Configuration Management (CM)
  • Technical performance measurement
  • Risk management
  • Sources of guidelines and information
  • Limitations and suggestions for optimising approaches

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